So You Want to be a Metal with Meaning Musician

Metal with Meaning has a several-fold meaning for MwM. It is metal that is a force for good in the world, either by 1.) stimulating thought, education, or learning; 2.) helping people, or 3.) both!

It may provide focus if you can choose which meaning you wish to work toward before you begin your development. Don't worry, however, if you can't make this kind of a priori decision; as you begin your appointed task you will know which direction to pursue.

Metal as Stimulating Thought, Education, or Learning

Metal with Meaning requires that you have something meaningful to say. Thus, the general process you must immerse yourself in, is one of learning and education in the broadest sense. Read, study, learn, discuss, open yourself to information, experiences, and people. Learn about the world in its many specifics, as well as its broader political, social, economic, philosophical, or even spiritual contours.

Read a good newspaper every day. Watch television newscasts and documentaries. And get yourself an encyclopaedia and a dictionary.

As you begin you will find, over time, what particular area(s) of knowledge or human affairs you find compelling; you will find yourself naturally gravitating toward that area in your reading and study. And as you grow in intellect and knowledge you can begin incorporating this newfound information into your song lyrics. As soon as you begin doing this, I'd say you've crossed the border into the creation of Metal with Meaning! I would recommend that you tread lightly, however, until you really develop a competent minimum knowledge baseline in your selected topics, since "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." You don't have to know everything--heck, even the "experts" don't; but you must have a basic grasp of whatever information is necessary to express a credible opinion on your chosen area.

Metal as Helping People

The impulse to produce this latter sort of metal usually flows from changes in your own moral and social sensibility. As you become a more loving individual, of better character, adopting personal attributes such as patience, compassion, tolerance, empathy, and solicitude, your changed heart will drive changes in your creative product, and find natural expression there.

Arriving at a loving state of mind and heart, sufficient to inform and drive a desire to offer something positive to the world through your music, is a process, usually driven by such an interior change of some kind, meaning a change occurring inside yourself. The catalyst for the change might be something you read, or heard, or personally experienced, such as a human interaction, or an intuition, epiphany, or revelatory experience of some kind.

Whatever the nature of the interior change, and whatever its genesis, it usually occurs concomitant with, or is rooted in, your own growth as a mature and loving human being. At a certain stage of this growth, you begin to want this orientation and relationship manifest in your art!

If your art happens to be heavy metal music, you thus find yourself taking your first steps toward Metal with Meaning!

As you develop in both knowledge and character, you will naturally find yourself with material to write about that is far more meaningful than babes, partying, some sort of pointless nihilism, or whatever other topics you preferred in your previous musical life!

Thus, to create metal that cheers, assists, or inspires, in other words, to create heavy metal that helps people, one must effect personal change. There is no one particular way to do this; there are many options, ranging from the practice of yoga or meditation, to volunteering to work with homeless people or disabled children, to engaging in therapy or counseling if you have personal issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, or despair, to resolve, to undertaking a simple self-initiated program of personal change and growth to become a more loving person. If you desire this latter course of action, MwM suggests you examine the resources at this unique site.

. . . . . . .

Good luck!


~ Creating Metal that Stimulates Heart or Mind ~