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Black Sabbath

British band understood to have originated heavy metal music, in large measure through the guitar work of founding member Tony Iommi, specifically his 1.) unique and singular guitar sound and 2.) musical constructions, specifically his unique and seminal style of patterns, that is, putting chords together and striking them, also called "riffing."


Heavy Metal

Heavy metal is a form of rock generally characterized by a guitar sound variously described as fat, thick, chunky, drony, or sludgy. Common use of guitar chord technique focused on the thicker strings is partly responsible for this kind of sound, the balance of the formula being the amplifier settings.

Well-know heavy metal bands include Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth.

Heavy metal is commonly referred to simply as "metal." If a given discussion, conversation, or reference involves music, and the word metal is used, it's a near-certainty that heavy metal music is being referenced.


Iommi, Tony

Tony Iommi has been the sole guitarist for seminal and iconic heavy metal band Black Sabbath since its inception, and is widely understood as the guitarist who actually invented heavy metal.


Osbourne, John "Ozzy"

Original vocalist and frontman for pioneering metal band Black Sabbath. Still strongly associated with the band.

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